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Welcome to Cardiff Mathematics Research. Here you can find information about people and events associated with university-level mathematics in Cardiff, UK. This is not the official Cardiff University page, which you can find here.



Cardiff University School of Mathematics moves to the new ABACWS building.

Our MSc graduate Rachel Carpenter wins the OR Society's May Hicks Award!

Alexei Stepanenko, our bravest PhD student, gives a real-life talk at CIRM-Luminy! On 2nd February 2021!

Owen Jones of Cardiff Mathematics part of £ 6.7M H2020 international project to tackle climate change resilience in the Horn of Africa.

PhD students Lucy Henley, Josh Moore and Tim Ostler came first in the NERC Covid 19 Digital Sprint Hackathon 2: Recovery! Their entry is here.

Frank Rösler is awarded a European Union Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship to work on computational complexity in quantum mechanics

Anatoly Zhigljavsky wins the 2019 Caratheodory Prize: AMS Notices

Roger Behrend wins the American Mathematical Society's 2019 David P. Robbins Prize:   Official AMS News Release

Paul Harper is elected Companion of OR: OR Society citation



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