marletta I am but one person involved in the excellent work which goes on at Cardiff School of Mathematics, where I have held a chair since 2006. I work on forward and inverse problems involving operator theory and numerical analysis for ODEs, PDEs, block operator matrices and operator pencils, with particular interest in operators arising in mathematical physics.

I am always interested to hear from motivated students who wish to work towards a doctorate. Bear in mind, however, that a PhD requires tenacity and commitment as much as the technical skills required to solve undergraduate mathematics problems and pass exams. Research problems often take many months or even years to solve, and there is no guarantee of success.

Prospective students should also have a look at the Cardiff School of Mathematics information for graduate students which has links to the University's online application forms. Note that Cardiff School of Mathematics is part of the MAGIC Consortium which provides taught courses for doctoral students. Students must pass several taught during their studies, as well as producing original, publishable research.